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Wide Brim Floppy Straw Hat

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A straw hat is a fashionable accessory that is worn to protect the head from heat stroke and UV rays from the sun. It is a hat with a straw brim or some other form of vegetable fiber. Straw hats are usually woven by hand and softened by immersion in hot water or steam. Straw hats are worn by both men and women. There are many types of men's straw hats such as the cowboy hat, the fedora hat, the panama hat, the pork pie hat, and the Guatemalan palm leaf straw hat. The wider the brim, the better it protects you from the sun. The hats are sprayed with DoPont Teflon to further protect the straw. Attached to the hat is a detachable chincord which can be worn under the chin on windy days and behind the head on sunny days. Natural straw hats often have a leather strap with bow or satin ribbon for a decorative look. A hat with metallic threads gives a straw hat a small shimmer and looks perfect when worn by the pool or on the beach. Another very iconic hat is a hand-woven hat with a white wide leather brim that has curves that allow the leather to be elegantly draped. Hats come in various sizes, but the hatband can be loosened or tightened to change the size of the hat by about two sizes. Straw hats are usually in black, brown and beige, but also colorful hats are widely used.