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Vintage Minimal Turtleneck and Wool Trousers

Essential vintage minimal white turtleneck sweater 100% cotton, fits S-L $52 + shipping. 🐚 Favorite fit and find vintage high-waisted pleated 100% wool fully lined checked brown + tan trousers, essential wardrobe staple. Fits 27in/28in waist x 28in length, $58 + shipping

ONE Turtleneck does not have to be exhausting. Yes, you know - it looks simple, solid and ladylike. It is essentially the majority of the descriptive words that we use to represent our concept of a school teacher or elder caregiver. The historical background of "ragged" garments is said to date back to the 15th century. In any case, with respect to this particular exemplary extended-cut layer, there is no accepted hypothesis for its appearance in design. Some sources say the turtleneck was made in England in the 1890s to keep cyclists warm.

Old is gold

In any case, people can not put enough pressure on how to change a garment, no matter how exhausting it looks - in an ultra-chic and up-to-date outfit! Just look at the 20-year-olds, who more than ever understand the vintage style. All you need is a reasonable amount of up-to-date parts and a few adjustments to rework the outline of the turtleneck pullover.

Stylish cardigans

The neckline is usually skin-tight and long enough to be squeezed over itself, resulting in a twofold layer of warmth and style on those it adorns. A turtleneck sweater is great for pleating and is an exceptional approach to modernizing the look. We have scarves, jewelry, belts, satchels, shoes and stockings that can give a simple turtleneck sweater this boom! You'll discover design admonitions and tips, refine your thoughts, and decorate traps for a turtleneck sweater to work great for general events.