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Ultimate Guide To Wedding Dresses

Ultimate Guide To Wedding Dresses | Everything You Need to Know | Team Wedding Blog

Wedding dresses are among our favorite aspects of every wedding. Every bride on her wedding is the main attraction and so are her dresses for the wedding. Brides do not leave an inch to choose the best wedding dresses. She searches for the best clothes for the wedding in the best stores. Here we give you the list of different wedding dresses around the world.

America / Australia

Although most brides in America prefer to wear a white dress, many have chosen red, purple, and other colors. The Americans did not always believe that white was traditional.


Moroccans believe that yellow or green color bring good luck and scare evil eyes. Her dresses for the wedding are in bright yellow or green.


Jewish people follow their tradition and their wedding attire is blue or white and stands for clarity, spiritual purity and mystical power.


Japanese brides wear a red-lined white silk wedding kimono that redefined fresh start and happiness. Many brides also like to wear red, silver, gold and white dresses.


The Chinese dresses for the wedding are in red. They believe that this color brings happiness and joy and brides traditionally bright red.


In India, brides traditionally wear a red wedding dress with golden handwork.

In all regions brides prefer green, white and pink bridal gowns.


Korean brides wear handbook on their wedding, which includes colors like yellow, white, blue, violet, red and many more.

Middle East

Due to certain restrictions on women, the brides wore burka at their wedding, but differed in color, texture and fabric from ordinary brides.

Pakistan: Pakistani brides for red, green and pink in wedding dresses and handcrafted with gemstones as part of the fabric.