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Sewing a Waterproof Jacket with Seam Tape // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

How to sew a waterproof raincoat using waterproof fabric and seam sealing tape! // Closet Case Patterns

It is Monday morning. After the weekend parties, you are a bit late for your work. When you're in a hurry, you tend to forget many things. You have not checked the weather. If you have left home, find that you have forgotten your waterproof jacket. It is exactly the time when the sky opens for you. It's difficult to get into your office when you arrive home and take your jacket with you. They went on to your office. When you reach your office, you are drenched and trembling. This is the time when you may be thinking about the importance of your waterproof jacket.

It is always with you. However, you may not have understood the importance. Now it showed you just how important it is in the rainy season. It can keep you warm no matter how cold it is outside. It keeps you dry, regardless of heavy rain. It's something that protects you from the gruesome weather. Not every waterproof jacket is good. You must choose the best material that can last a long time, and it should keep you away from water and cold. Especially here in the US, where it goes down to minus temperatures at night, it is always better to have a good waterproof jacket with you. If you check that the weather is okay, you can give your jacket a rest day. Then you can polish and care for them to protect you from the cold and water at the right time.

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