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Pegasus Galaxy Black Jazz Shoes Mens Size 10.5 #Dancewear

Pegasus Galaxy Black Jazz Shoes Mens Size 10.5 #Dancewear

A jazz shoe is a kind of shoe that is mainly worn by dancers. They are worn by the dancers while dancing to jazz or rock music. These shoes are worn when dancing in the following style of music:

  • Acro Dance,
  • Rock n roll dance,
  • Perform hip hop movements etc.

There is a wide variety of styles and characteristics of jazz shoes available in the market. Girls love to wear these kind of shoes when going to parties or dance clubs. Below are the different types of jazz shoes available on the market.

  • High or Short Heals Style,
  • Slippers or jazz shoes with delicate laces,
  • Split sole jazz shoes.


These jazz shoes are made of very soft material that is easy to wear and flexible in its quality. Some of these jazz shoes have rubber soles, others have thicker heels. For light twists, some jazz shoes have suede patches among the healings to make dancing easier.


These ladies jazz shoes have a high heel of about 3 cm. These shoes are credited with a glittering touch that shines on the dance floor. The shoes are supported with a buckle strap and a pin for extra grip. These glitter jazz shoes sparkle in the heavy light of the dance floor.


These Glitter Dust Jazz shoes have a flat sole with no heels and are perfect for ballad dancing. The glitter dust gives the shoes a fancy touch.

For the girls who like to dance, there is a wide selection of jazz shoes.