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Patriotic Stripes Tie Dye Shirt!


Recently there has been a trend of uniquely colored shirts with amazing patterns. This is called a batik shirt and you can create one yourself. It's a fun activity for a weekend that can improve your bond with your kids. You can create the same pattern for your whole family or for everyone else. If you want to create one, here is an overview of the required steps.

  • First, you need to collect your supplies. You need the colorful colors, some rubber bands and gloves. You can either buy the stuff separately or simply buy a batik kit. The kit contains all consumables and instructions that will help you. One set is enough to dye 5 to 6 shirts. Buy as many kits as you want to complete the entire project.
  • In addition to the supplies, you also need the shirts you want to dye. These should be monochrome, preferably cotton shirts. You should also take some garbage bags with you to protect your workplace. If your drop or the ability to color it will not easily peel off.
  • You have to fold the shirt in different ways to get the pattern. You can know more about a detailed guide to making batik shirt. Then you use rubber bands to keep the shirt folded and to dye it. All you have to do is dry and wear the shirts if everything went as planned.

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