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New Heels Shoes Vintage Polka Dots Ideas

New Heels Shoes Vintage Polka Dots Ideas #heels

The fashion industry is one of the most unpredictable. Who knew, for example, that the wedge shoes would come back to the fashion market after 80 years? Simply put, wedges or plateaus are shoes that are pulled up everywhere and do not lift off the heel. They may have a high heel, but the wearer's feet may not be so inclined.

Wedge shoes are more comfortable compared to other shoes like stilettos. With stilettos, your feet tend to stay as long as you wear them. Wedges offer immense benefits. They include;

  • Comfortable - these shoes are foot friendly. The wedges in the shoe support the entire foot and provide great comfort, even if you wear a 4-inch heel.
  • The design of these shoes guarantees that the entire body weight is carried by the feet. This is a health requirement.
  • The design of the wedge shoes allows free air circulation in the feet, as they are provided with open toes. This can dry out moisture in the feet and keep your feet fresh.
  • They are trendy and fashionable.
  • They are ideal for the petite woman as they provide a more streamlined view overall.
  • They are a perfect match for any kind of clothing, for example trousers, jeans, evening dresses and skirts. You can wear this shoe in the office, as long as the chosen design is not out of place.
  • They are affordable and available in different price ranges. To top it off, they are among the few types of shoes that offer immense design possibilities.

The next time you think of an elegant and elegant shoe, try this design.

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