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Htc M7 BbNo.3 Horizontal Leather Pouch Black (Black)

Htc M7 BbNo.3 Horizontal Leather Pouch Black (Black)

The H-belt is the Hermes belt that is used in the networking industry to join the various workpieces of different shapes by grinding in a single design. It has many features regarding the flexibility of the offer. Due to their elastic support element, they have considerable advantages over the bonded abrasives. The procedures include manual sanding of the turbine blades, semi-automatic grinding of the belts on the copying keys, and fully automatic CNC grinding of the belts to form implants made of titanium or other brass sanitary fittings. Hermes belt has the solution by having the abrasives with different flexibilities and type structures, which can adapt perfectly to the materials to be processed.

It has the following advantages:

  • It is suitable to produce the satin-finished steel surfaces that are rust-free.
  • The ribbons are extremely soft, flexible, elastic and abrasive and can adapt to different contours and shapes.
  • They have the sanding patterns that are very fine.
  • The removal rate of the slideways is low.
  • The shape of the workpiece does not change.
  • Used for the finest grinding of sheets and coils made of stainless steel.
  • For surface grinding of brass, copper and aluminum sheets.
  • Suitable for both broadband grinders and wheel grinders.
  • They have very fine and smooth sanding patterns.

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