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High-Waisted Heathered 7/8

High-Waisted Solid HeatherKnit 7/8 – grey heather

With the beginning of the summer months, you have the opportunity to perform in uncomplicated, comfortable, breathable yet beautiful outfits. Tunics and short dresses are the most popular garments for women. And what could be nicer than putting on a halter neck tunic with vibrant coral print combined with eye-catching yet comfortable gray leggings. It's classic, comfortable and extremely chic ... this piece of clothing called leggings.

Leggings are a skin-tight piece of cloth that can be worn over the legs by both men and women. Mostly by women, men use it only for gymnastics and for sports activities that require freedom of movement and elasticity. However, women have other, more desirable uses for leggings, such as the combination of long blousons, tunics and sometimes a translucent pair of leggings under a short dress, both for reasons of appropriateness and love of fashion and trends.

The fabrics used in leggings consist of a blend of Lycra (also known as spandex), nylon, cotton or even a polyester blend. Leggings can also be made from fine wool and silk. Leggings have different designs. Mostly ankle-length, but some are touched to wrap your feet. The length of the leggings varies, in full length, ankle length and knee length. You can wear your leggings under shorts, a full skirt or a short denim skirt. It is comfortable and often protects against scrubbing under severe physical stress.

Various fabric compositions to touch when buying gray leggings.

  • Nylon lycra blend: The composition is usually 90% nylon and 10% lycra. This type of high elasticity leggings is commonly used for training purposes and is often referred to as running pants. They also have a shiny glaze look and are a great example of street wear.
  • Cotton Lycra Blend: A blend of cotton lycra or sometimes cotton lycra polyster is what the fashionistas love. A variety of colors, vibrant prints are available ... but predominantly black, navy and various shades of gray dominate the lodging!
  • Opaque / Translucent Leggings: Mainly worn by women under a short skirt or in combination with a long tunic.

To stylishly enter your gray leggings:

The style depends on your body type. The length depends on your height. Taller women with longer legs can easily wear any style. But if you are a petite beauty with shorter legs, avoid the calf length. The ankle-length leggings are best for you. If a woman has heavy calves, she should stick to long ankle gaiters and nothing smaller.

The leggings celebrated their comeback in 2005. Now you can combine gray leggings with oversized, voluminous knit sweaters or under tight denim skirts or shorts. So, what are you waiting for, grab the beautiful gray leg dress and take off a lively tunic dress ... and you can drop your hair!