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Giuseppe Zanotti Design Wedge Hi-Top Sneakers ($995) ❤ liked on Polyvore featu…

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Wedge shoes are one of the hottest fashion among all young and college girls. These are available in many styles, colors and designs. The pure white wedge shoes on soft, creamy legs provide a noble look and adorn your personality with four stars.

Whether you're putting on a skirt or leggings, white wedges are enough to match your style statement. If you do not want a stiletto heel, but still want to take advantage of the additional height, wedge shoes are the best choice for you. Nowadays these become the fashion icon of the teenagers.

Ways to Wear White Wedge Shoes:

The wearing style can change the overall picture, so the white wedge shoes should be worn in familiar and elegant dresses. Whether you wear platform sandals or simple strappy sandals, white is the color that defines your true personality. Some stylish yet comfortable styling ideas for shoes with white wedges:

  • Trendy off white Capri: The trendy capri of cream or off white material, which covers the knee with the wedge shoes with stripes on the top, ensures a glamorous look.
  • Wear skinny jeans: A black skinny jeans, a stylish top and a pair of white wedge sneakers fit every girl. Wearing this style is common and very easy. You can also try this style on your regular garments to give your personality a spicy and crispy look.
  • Shorter Leggings Leggings make your leg even slimmer and help to balance the big shoes and feet. With shorter leggings, you can easily bring out your stylish white wedge sneakers.
  • Short of bright colors: white is the color that fits in almost any color, but a combination of vibrant colors gives your white wedge shoes strength to create a fashionable atmosphere. It would look better if you wear these shoes with shorts or knee-length one piece.
  • Maxi or High Low Rock: The mini skirt looks very sexy on slim legs. Imagine what if it contains the white shoes too. This combination will definitely make a positive impact on your overall taste in style. It fits not only to the miniskirt, but also to the maxi and three long skirts.

Being and staying stylish is an art. It's easy if you know it, but it will be a difficult task if you have no knowledge of this art. Everything that you wear to make stylish is not that easy, as well as it is quite difficult to take a look at white wedge shoes. Try the above ways to look better. Otherwise, you can make your own decisions and preferences, if they suit you.