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Funny Science T-Shirt OMG T-shirt Oxygen Magnesium Funny Geek T-shirt Screen Printed T-Shirt Tee Shirt Mens Ladies Womens Youth Kids

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Sometimes your thoughts are on the bigger world, and leaving your shirt simple may not be cool enough. Therefore, an impression is required. PRINTED T-SHIRTS say more than a million words worldwide and teenagers love to express themselves through these garments. Whether directly from the factory or individually printed, color, design and / or pictorial language distinguish these T-shirts. For a good design, a contrast must be created, otherwise no distinctions are made. Lighter colors may not be suitable for blank t-shirts with lighter colors, but may fit shirts with darker colors.


In the UK, professional printers could charge between £ 1.25 and £ 6.00, while in the US, the cost of t-shirt printing could range from $ 1.55 to $ 5.69. However, if you want to save some money, you can do it yourself.

Try the screen printing method:

The things you need are: a blank t-shirt, a computer, a printer (inkjet would be very much in the hand), transparency, a brush, an emulsion (500 ml), screen printing ink, degreaser, a small wooden stick, a hairdryer, a pressure screen, a squeegee and a small bottle of sensitiser.


After you have printed out your design - which you may have designed yourself using a graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop ...) or sourced from a source - specify the transparency. If your inventories already exist, the following steps should be taken:

  • Mix the degreaser with cold water and apply the mixture to both sides of the screen and allow to dry.
  • Mix emulsion and sensitizer vigorously. Apply the mixture with a squeegee to the sieve to ensure an even distribution. This should then be allowed to dry in a dark room for about 20 minutes;
  • Now prepare the template: Position the transparency [carrying your design] on the screen [with the part having the design directly on the screen], Use a piece of glass to hold the film in place.
  • Burn your design by keeping the specimen under the intensity of a 250 - 500 watt light bulb for about 15 minutes. These should be done in a completely dark room.
  • Rinse the screen lightly with water for about 2 minutes. The screen would most likely fall off. Thereafter, excess emulsion should be washed off;
  • Tape the edges of the screen with a waterproof tape.
  • Place your blank T-shirt on a flat platform - the shirt should be well stretched to avoid transfer to a fold.
  • Spread a tablespoon of ink from bottom to top of the screen with a squeegee.
  • Transfer the design to your T-shirt by placing the template on it and then spreading the ink with the squeegee.
  • Apply a little heat [probably by using a hairdryer] to heal the ink.

Now your PRINT T-SHIRT is as ready as you wanted. But it must be said that there are other rough ways to make prints on your blank t-shirt.