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FREEBIE The Betty Vintage Circle Skirt Sewing Pattern

line drawing – The Betty Skirt — free circle skirt pattern

A circle skirt is nothing more than a normal skirt with a larger circumference. No skirt can offer comfort like a circle skirt. It is so free that the legs are restricted for movement at all. No, this could be the favorite outfit of many women. A circle skirt can be short or long, and depending on the fabric used, it can have a completely different appearance. If your favorite skirt is a circle skirt and you think it can not be worn on different, then you're wrong. In a few cases, you can personalize and wear your skirt.

  1. Occasional excursions: In such cases, you can easily choose either a long or a short skirt, depending on your comfort. You can also boldly showcase floral prints and your favorite colors. Combine the short skirt with ankle-length boots for a perfect look
  2. Formal occasions: Wear a knee-length skirt and combine it with a shirt and formal heels. You can choose between the colors black, gray, blue or white. This gives a subtle formal look.
  • Family Features: Wear a long skirt with some glitter. Also, you can combine these with beautiful pearl jewelry to give a look for the function. Also wear bracelets to complete the elegant look.

In this way you can choose in different ways whether you want to wear skirts or not on different occasions. All you have to do is pay attention to fabric, colors and prints. Combine skirts with beautiful scarves to enhance your look.

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