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Faux Fur Vest / Sole Society Faux Fur Vest / Holiday Gift Guide

Faux Fur Vest

A decade passed with the muddy and shiny faux fur vest. In earlier times, during the cold weather, people made fur vests from original animal fur. The original coat comfort was not easy to buy. At the time it was considered something very unique, expensive and luxurious.

Over time, some animal rights groups began to work and promote awareness. Then, the apparel market began to develop fake fur clothing, which was an alternative to the original and expensive high-quality animal skin. However, these fur coats are not of the same quality, and when touched they do not have the same softness and warmth as the original fur, but the fashion industry has gone to great lengths to make cuddly furs of somewhat similar quality.


When the winter and fall season starts with a hard cold spell, just take out your faux fur vest to calm down. It has always been a style rather than a fashion. Its use is evergreen during the wintering period.

Fits almost everything

The versatility of Faux Fur Vests makes it look great with just about anything. It comes with many colors and many possible combinations. The coat is extra voluminous long and there are also some vest with small fur lengths available. You can wear your soft, cuddly and shiny fur vest with just about anything, such as skinny pants or jeans and a shirt or a simple tunic over it.