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DESIGN Ridley high waisted skinny jeans in clean black with ripped knees

These pants in 4 or 6 aka w26 w 28

Jeans or, we should say, denims have been around for as long as we remember. Never in their wildest dreams would Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss have thought that their masterpiece would still be in vogue even after 142 years. But that is the truth.

If there is a garment that is on top of the clothing layer, then it is the jeans. There is no way to escape the trend. In fact, jeans were initially dyed blue, but gradually, other variations came on.

Such a variant of jeans was black, which quickly became one of the bestsellers. Since today, black jeans are an indispensable item of clothing. The reasons are listed below.

  • Versatile
  • Black jeans are the most versatile jeans ever. They match any top clothing, be it T-shirts or shirts or even layers like blazers or jackets. Then there is talk of matching shoes to the black jeans. How many times would you get such a versatile garment?
  • A noble, trendy look
  • It is often said, "If you are confused, choose black." Well, that's because Black has always been the trend. Nothing looks more noble than a black jeans. These jeans can anchor your whole personality on your own.
  • Comfort
  • Jeans are often among the most comfortable garments you could ever get your hands on. Put on black jeans and see for yourself comfort. You do not have to lose it once you have tried it.

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