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MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Selma Saffiano Leather Top Handle Bag – Light… found on Polyvore

Being a girl on the road can be pretty exhausting. There must be so much done, done, done before you feel ready to enter your workplace, chill out in the mall, or treat yourself to icy coffee with your girls in the coffee shop on the corner or in a bar. Random, ordinary day, Pick up food and food at the Mart. Have you ever realized a thing? They are never, almost never without your handbag! This is your arsenal girl, and you keep it lovingly and mostly out of habit in stock, with some things that you absolutely can not survive without, and some things that, however useless they may seem, but without them you feel lost and naked. The handbag of a woman is almost like a sacred entity that you can not do anything with and which you hold with utmost care and protection. Because hey, here everything that is useful for us from a distance, is invariably unloaded (but not without further ado).

The handbag of an average girl would certainly contain all the important things. From the first minute you leave your dressing room to go out. You always add little things without which you absolutely can not live. Like that little tub of shea body butter you swear on, the cabbage liner, without which you feel like you're illegal, put on the coral lip gloss that's absolutely in your "pout" selfies Divine looks, wipes on your make-up removal, just in case you need to wipe the wound in an emergency to do the basics, like your wallet, ID cards, credit cards, driver's license, change for the ATM at the station, keys ... your wardrobe keys, your house keys, car keys, keys to the office drawer. If you're a Gizmo Whiz Kid, then chargers, battery banks, and Bluetooth handsets are just what you need for this secure drive. Angry! This is a true source of information in this bag. So we can certainly pronounce the "handbag" as one of the most invaluable inventions that mankind ever thought of!

Keep your belongings well, so you always have them at hand and they look good too! Get a handbag that fits your needs, is the perfect size and fits almost anything. Well, there are very few colors that are available in the "Fits to Everything" and "Emphasize My Outfit" categories and highlights the category "Color in my cheeks". (Do not be surprised, a bag can do all that and more.)

Neutral colors like tan, beige, and brown work best, but they tend to dehair your look. And sometimes they come out a bit grannyish! But we have a beautiful color that is trendy ... BLUE. blue handbags look smooth, stylish and chic. Blue is the new black. They belong to the neutral family of colors ... go in the direction of cooler colors and fit both formals and casuals. There are some styles that look absolutely divine in blue.