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Butterscotch Infinity Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern

Butterscotch Infinity Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern | Scarf of the Month Club hosted by The Stitchin’ Mommy and Oombawka Design | www.thestitchinmo… #ScarfoftheMonthClub2018

Infinity scarf! Or should I say infinity Jovialness. A trendy piece of fashion or a cuddly ensemble, whatever you want to call it, but it's a must have for your wardrobe. Scarves have been trendy for 19 yearsth Century. Women around the world wear scarves to give their dress a little charm. It seems to be a cherry on a dress.


Infinity scarves are stuff full of fun. Trendy was not so great before. When you play with this exuberant scarf you get so many unique, trendy and stunning looks. Its enormous breadth and tendency to fade is something that can be used to make rock & roll; roll.

Infinity scarves can be worn in both hot and cold weather. In some infinity scarves, the fabric used is very light, produces low coverage, and is not bulky enough. This type of scarf looks like a piece of jewelry when you wrap it around your neck. Therefore, it is worn on normal, not so hot or cold days. It is not comfortable enough to be used in cold weather. But there are warm thick cloth scarves with voluminous cover, which are well suited for the cool winter season.


There are so many ways to freak your neck and head around your infinity scarf. You can simply wrap the scarf around your neck for a cool, chic look. When it's sunny outside, you can flip one side of your scarf upside down. You can make different kinds of classic playful knots with your scarf.