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A Moody, Gothic-Inspired Wedding in a Vermont Birch Grove

Maxine also had a custom white leather motorcycle created for the wedding weekend; it was complete with hand-painting by Laurén Bienvenue, who Maxine found on Etsy. “Laurén absolutely nailed it—she understood the vibe of our wedding intrinsically,” Maxine says. The gold-studded jacket featured a floral skull with the words “Til Death” on the back.

Motorcycle jackets have additional features and functions unlike traditional jackets. They are specially designed for cyclists to adapt to the unsafe conditions. In all cases, the primary function and requirement of a motorcycle jacket is to provide protection to the rider.

Some of the motorcycle jackets are designed for winter as they have insulating layers that protect you from the wind when you drive. Others are designed for the summer, keeping your body temperature cool and your skin dry.

Your motorcycle jacket is designed to stay intact while you're driving and, in the worst case, to protect you from the hazards of road bumps.

Motorcycle jackets are available in a variety of colors. If you drive mostly at night, you will need bright or brilliant colors so that you are visible to other drivers. This prevents accidents. If you do not drive much at night, you will find many colors in contrast to the traditional black. When it comes to the material, designers have worked with different materials, including traditional leather, armor and thermo line, waterproof material, etc.

When it comes to style, motorcycle jackets always make you look very cool. Some of them also have so many pockets and waterproof skin. You must choose one for yourself and meet all your in-kind needs.

Your motorcycle jacket may cost you a little more than a casual jacket or a hoodie, but your investment is definitely worth it.