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5 Outfit Ideas to Wear with your Western Boots

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Western boots are leather boots that have a shaft and high heels, such as cowboy boots, and are typically used for riding horses. Western boots are fashionable shoes that are worn by both teenagers and adults. These boots are known for their durability and functionality. The sturdy and individual style of these boots is good for wrangling and abseiling. The appearance of these western boots varies, some have a pointed, angular or round toe, a design that can be pulled up or laced, and the height can be either ankle-length or knee-length. You do not have to be a cowboy or cowgirl to wear these shoes.

The basic style of Western boots is similar to classic cowboy boots. These boots have an angled heel of one and a half inches or more. The total height of a western boot is about 30 cm and the shaft reaches to the calf. The western boots are made of the finest leather quality by experienced craftsmen. These boots are exotic with features such as a 13-inch leather shaft and a leather lining. The toe is either round or square with a block heel and easy-to-wear straps. The insole is padded and the leather shaft is provided with light stitching. A metatarsal support reduces the strain. Western boots are made of durable grain leather or suede, which gives a softer and worn look. The price of western boots is high due to the versatility of the leather used.

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