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2019 Winter Hat Trends

*white beret

A hat that brings the peculiarity of softness, the beret hat, is also referred to as a round hat. The use of berets begins with an army officer, but is now worn mainly for fashion.

Fashion comes from everywhere and fits perfectly with berets. Beret is available in different colors and fabrics. With beret it does not matter how you disguise it. This is the best accessory both in winter and in summer.

Types of Beret Hats:

From a simple look to a military look, berets have many types with many designs. The beret hat is still worn by the army with certain uniforms. Take a look at a stylish beret hat:

  • The French: This beret has a typical round shape with fluffy tips. It is made of wool satin. From a simple worker to a stylish man, loves to wear this kind of beret.
  • Military Berets: This type of beret is worn by soldiers in several countries. But you can also wear it elegantly for the military look.
  • Beret for children: The beret for children is made of felt or thin cotton. They usually wear it for the sailor look with fashionable outfits.
  • Homemade knitted beret: There is a homemade knitted beret on the market. With tons of truth, these berets are found in normal wool.
  • Fashionable and stylish beret: The fashion designer knows the needs and the style of the trend and designs the berets accordingly. Fashionable beret hats are made of silky velvet for a great, stylish look.

How do I wear a beret hat?

With berets you can try many stylish looks. There is a technique that should be followed properly to wear berets. Read the description of Berets:

  • Buy beret: Choose a stylish beret that fits your head size. Think about whether you want to wear it in summer or in winter. For summer and spring thinner beret is recommended and thicker for winter.
  • Choose your hairstyle: Almost every fashion fits a beret. You can tie your hair together or drop it down.
  • Time to take an accessory: To give a stylish look to beret, you can combine it with a few styling accessories. A pin, a pin or a bow will give you a chic and stylish look.
  • If you do not secure your beret properly, it may fall off. You should use some hairpins on both sides of the hat near the temple to ensure adequate safety. Slipping beret will mess up your curls and ruin your stylish look. Here you are ready with the beret hat.